Thursday, May 30, 2013

Midnight Surrender doesn't exist...

Except in my hard drive.

Sigh.  Years ago, I did write it, and submitted it to Dell. They got as far as making a cover for it, the whole shebang, and then decided they didn't want it.  It's now sitting in my computer, and every once in a while I take a look at it and wonder whether I should do something about it.

So I was dismayed to find that it's listed in Goodreads, and that people had it listed as a "want to read." Some people even have it listed as having read it.

Well, maybe these folks read something else of mine, or maybe I shared with them that unpublished manuscript way back when. But even though it's listed in Barnes and Noble and (I think) Amazon, it really does not exist, there is no way you can buy it anywhere, and I don't know how get all of them to take it off their web sites.

So this blog post is a warning to all of you out there that you won't be able to read it any time soon.  If I decide to publish it (probably on my own), I'll let you know.


Claudia Harbaugh said...

Karen, why don't you self publish? Claudia