Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emerald City Conference at the Bellevue Hilton, WA

I'm attending the Emerald City conference this weekend, which I always attend if I can.  I'm having a blast connecting with friends and fellow writers again, talking about writing and the writing process.  I also do tarot readings for them as well, just for fun, and it's a great brainstorming tool.  :-)

I'm one of the workshop speakers, and I'll be talking about themes in stories.  I frankly didn't get the whole thing written until last week, but just being around other writers--I don't know, the energy, whatever--has brought fresh realizations about the topic, so that I'm going to have to deviate a bit from my outline.  But that's okay, as I don't think it'll deviate much from the Powerpoint presentation I've set up. Weird, because I didn't talk about themes with anyone tonight (actually, last night, as it's now in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm going to be very tired tomorrow).

And, come to think of it, I think I left my conference bag at the hotel room of one of my friends, dang it.

But I think there's something in the air in writers conferences that just energizes the thought processes so that one's thoughts on story and writing and the rest gain a special clarity and focus, somewhat like the effect of getting a huge hit of pure oxygen to the brain.  So now I have all this really clear way of expressing and illustrating the idea of themes in stories in my brain that I hope will last until after my workshop.  :-D

After I'm done with the workshop, I'll see about posting my notes here and/or on my web site.  But, they're just the notes, not the full workshop, so if I ever give this workshop again, you'll just have to attend.  Anyway, I'm just so freakin' excited about what I'm going to talk about, I had to blog about it right away, even though it's freakin' 1:38 A.M.

Goodnight!  Morning!  Whatever!