Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Booksigning at The Unraveled Yarn, Federal Way, WA, February 2nd

This is to benefit Haitian Aid via World Vision.  And this is how this booksigning came about:

As I mentioned before, I'm moving to Germany, which means I have had to go through my humongous yarn stash and decide what to get rid of (sob!) and what I'm going to store, and what I'm going to take with me. I have a lot of very nice-quality yarn, and would prefer to give it to someone who would appreciate it. I'd already given my decent quality yarn (a huge 3' x 2' x 2' box) to a women's shelter up in Seattle (Church of Mary Magdalene) that has a knitting and crocheting circle for homeless women, but I had more, and this was the high-quality, hand-wash or dry-clean kind.

I immediately thought of The Unraveled Yarn in Federal Way, WA. I'd been to more than a few of their Knit Nights and had a blast; I also knew that they took in left-over yarn and made things for charities. So I thought, maybe they'd like my yarn, and certainly, they'd appreciate the quality. I just liked the owners, and they seemed like such happy and helpful people, even if it's smaller than some other stores. There is a real sense of fun and joy there.

So I brought in my yarn, and the two owner-sisters Annie and Karen were glad to take it. I told them to do whatever they wanted with it--sell it, give it away, use it themselves--because I sure didn't have the time to deal with it. I brought perhaps two more boxes and bags full of yarn and wool, which they could also use in their felting classes.

The last time I dropped off the wool and yarn, the gals told me they wanted to have a book signing for me in their store. I protested that my latest story in Chalice of Roses doesn't have any knitting in it, but they said that since I was a Knit Nighter, as far as they were concerned, I was one of them, and I needed a good send-off before I went to Germany. Besides, there were plenty of women in the group who read romance.

Well, the whole thing kind of snowballed, and now I'm going to have a book signing, and the gals notified the local newspapers, and it's actually going to benefit World Vision's aid to Haiti (World Vision's a local charity). So we're asking for donations, and I'm selling my latest plus backlist from my basement storage (thereby getting rid of more stuff before we leave for Germany--yay!) with the proceeds to go to World Vision, and people are invited to bring their knitting and crocheting, and have me sign books (I'm bringing my knitting, too--I've got to knit on Knit Night!).

The end result is a win-win for everyone involved. All because I knew The Unraveled Yarn knit things for charity. What goes around comes around, it seems. Is this fun or what? Definitely fun! And definitely a Pollyanna-ish event.

If anyone's in the area, the signing is on February 2nd, from 4 pm to 8 pm. Bring your knitting or crocheting, sit and stitch awhile! More details here:

I know it's going to be a blast. I always end up laughing my head off at Knit Nights, and leaving with a smile on my face. Come over and have some fun!