Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Marriage Scheme available on Amazon!

The Marriage Scheme is now on Amazon, and can be downloaded to your Kindle.

Which is motivation for me to get the next one out there.  And write more books.  And revise more!  I have one book that never got published that was going to be called "Midnight Surrender," and I really need to go over it and fix it.  It's very dark, and I don't think I want it to be that dark, because the world needs a bit more levity these days.  Plus, there is such a thing called "comedic relief."

There are so many things I want to write, now that there is this new territory called "e-publishing" to explore.  I love the novella form, so I'd love to write more of those.  Also, I'd like to write the continuing adventures of Arabella Templar and William Marstone (from "Miss Templar and the Holy Grail"), as well as of Anna Vanderzee and the samurai-ryu-kami Nakagawa (from "Anna and the King of Dragons").

So...gotta get crackin'!


Caffey said...

Hi Karen. I just grabbed this one since I missed it before. I'm thrilled those that I missed earlier will be out as well as the one you'll dust off! Looking forward to these!

--Karen H said...

Thanks, Caffey! Yep, my early books are rather hard to find. I hope you enjoy The Marriage Scheme. :-)