Friday, May 11, 2012

Ask me anything...

Within reason. :-)

I've decided to designate Fridays as "ask me anything" day.  Why?  Because I frankly can't think of things to post every week, and I'd love to keep on a regular schedule when it comes to blogging here.  I find I can blog best when someone asks me a question, and I have to come up with an answer.

So, I'm starting Ask Me Anything Friday.  Rules are:

  • Keep it clean (about a PG-13 rating, more or less)
  • Not too personal (I talk about every-day personal stuff on a non-daily basis on my other blog, The Pollyanna Files)

I'll reply either in the comments section during the week or in another blog post within a week of the question asked (more or less, depending on how many blog-post-worthy questions I get).

Some topics I've commented on have been:
  • Art and craft of writing
  • Publishing
  • Markets
  • Writing contests
  • Trends
  • How-to items
  • Writing life
So, ask away!


Roxy Boroughs said...

Wondering what you think of the future for writing contests, given the economy and the rise of indie publishing.

--Karen H said...

Roxy, your question gets a whole blog post. :-)